Compact Blueberry Harvester

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This Harvester was designed and proven to be highly effective in harvesting 1 Yr. old plants up to 45 Yr. old varieties such as Blue Crop.  It is smaller in size than traditional blueberry harvesters and provides improved visibility, easier operation, improved maneuverability, and the lowest fruit catching height for extremely effective harvesting of small to medium sized blueberry bushes.

Don’t let its size fool you as this machine is capable of harvesting 6-8 thousand pounds per hour of fresh-quality berries.  This harvester was a work horse for the 2016 season with one of our customers logging almost 500 hours just this past season alone.


CAT 74 HP or 97 HP Turbo Diesel

Self-Propelled Method:

88″ Chermack Tracks

  • Zero turning ability
  • 2 Speed Drive                        Low Range 0- 2.8 MPH      High Range 0-3.7 MPH

4 Wheel Drive

  • 90 degree turning ability
  • 2 Speed Drive                        Low Range 0- 5.0 MPH      High Range 0-12.0 MPH

Picking Mechanism:                   

Double Sway                                                                                     

  • Smaller diameter rods                   .75″

Harvesting Location:  Rear Loading


  • Sauer Danfoss Transmission

Dimensional Specifications:

  • Tunnel Height                                          72″-88”
  • Tunnel Width                                           42”
  • Harvester Height                                    10’
  • Harvester Width                                      8′
  • Harvester Length                                    16′
  • Approximate Weight                              10,000 lbs.
  • Minimum Potential Fruiting Height     6-7″
  • Max lifting height                                    16″