Haven 5440 Top Loader


The NEW Haven 5440 was released for the 2018 blueberry harvest season.  This harvester was years in the making and proved very quickly to be a huge success.  Its rugged design, 4-pallet capacity, and Short-Stroke Double Sway picking heads made this harvester the most efficient and effective Fresh Market harvester in the fields for 2018.  The 5440 is ideal for small to medium-sized bushes, and blends beautifully the ability to fresh pack fruit from 1-2 year old plants right up to fully-grown well pruned plants.


Haven’s industry leading fruit catching system proved itself once again in the fresh market,

with growers reporting over 90% pack out rates.

5440 Tunnel Rear View



The 5440 has side guards on the conveyor belting protecting the fruit as it is conveyed to the rear of the harvester.  At the elevator transition the undershot blower system removes leaves and debris as the fruit gently lands on the brushes before entering the elevator cups.






IMG_2488 (2)

The tunnel entry of the 5440 was designed to improve fruit retention.  The catching plates are extended forward to close around the base of the plants before they enter the harvesting tunnel.  This effective design change greatly reduced ground loss.


The Top Load layout is extremely efficient, and has a fruit load capacity of over 6,000 lbs.  Empty lugs are stored at the rear, filled at the lug station, and then stacked onto pallets in the center portion of the harvester.  Double side gates on both sides of the machines make for quick and easy off-loading of the full pallets.

5440IMG_6861 (2) IMG_6864 IMG_6871


Model 5440 (4 Pallet Top Load)


CAT 97 HP Turbo Diesel

Self-Propelled Method:

4 Wheeled

  • 90 degree turning radius
  • AWD Traction Control
  • 2 Speed Drive                        Low Range 0-6 MPH      High Range 0-13 MPH
  • Tire Sizes                                Front 38×20-16.1           Rear 16.9×24

Picking Mechanism:                 

Short Stroke Double Sway                                                                                      

  • 3/4″ diameter picking rods

Harvesting Location:                   

Top Loading

  • 4 Full Pallet Capacity


  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Manual or Electronic Control Options
  • Joystick Controlled Hydraulic Lift Functions
  • 65 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank

Dimensional Specifications:

  • Tunnel Height                                          6’4”-8’0”
  • Tunnel Width                                           54″
  • Harvester Height                                    11’1”
  • Harvester Width                                      9’10”
  • Harvester Length                                    21’4”
  • Approximate Weight                              16,000 lbs.
  • Minimum Potential Fruiting Height         9”
  • Max lifting height                                    20”